Catit Go Natural Wood Cat Litter

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Catit Go Natural is a new range of litters that, unlike many mineral cat litters, are based on sustainable sources. Plant-based litters are a safer and more planet-friendly litter choice! Finally, your cat can ‘go’ as they would in nature!

This litter is 100% natural, completely bio degradable, and made of FSC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests, using renewable energy sources. The wood is leftover product from the lumber industry – no trees are felled to make this litter! It’s highly absorbent by nature and free of chemicals, which makes it kind to cats and kind to the planet, too!


  • Created from recycled, FSC-certified wood leftovers, plant fibre
  • Solar-powered, low-waste production
  • Superior ultra-high absorbency - The granules absorb up to 3 times their weight in liquid – that’s 300%! 
  • Doesn’t stick, easy to scoop - Thanks to its balanced, non-aggressive clumping action
  • Highly efficient and long-lasting
  • Produced and packed sustainably
  • 99% dust-free
  • Low tracking and no dusty paw prints
  • Odour control and bacteria barrier with a natural capacity to kill 99% of bacteria and instantly absorb odours
  • Unscented and free of chemicals, but does give off a subtle wood scent since it’s mainly composed of wood.
  • Easy to clean
  • Flushable and soluble


Check local regulations to make sure that you are allowed to flush litter.

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Great value Kimberley Stevens on 13 April 2021

Does what it says covers the smell easily and makes clean up nice and simple!

great litter Julia Miller on 30 October 2021

Does what it says on the pack. Obviously cant avoid some smell but this is soooo much better than catsan, which I thought was awful (sometimes even found myself getting up in the night to change the litter tray!). With this it is easy to pick out the poos without getting a whole lot of litter and then I just tilt the tray to shake the loose, clean litter to one end so that I can then lift out the clumps

Feeding Guide

Pour a layer (5-7cm) of Catit Go Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter in the litter box and keep it at this level at all times to ensure the best results. Make sure that you use our wood litter in a dry environment only – no damp bathrooms.

We recommend scooping once every day to prevent bad odours. A wide scoop with large holes makes scooping lightweight litter easier.

We recommend disposing of cat droppings in the rubbish rather than flushing them, though this litter is perfectly flushable thanks to its natural composition. Should you decide to flush the litter, make sure to read the topic below.

How do I flush litter down the toilet?

  • Check local regulations to make sure that you are allowed to flush litter.
  • Remove feces and large clumps from the litter box with a scoop and dispose of them in the bin or compost them. This is important to prevent waterways from being polluted.
  • Clumps the size of a walnut or smaller can be flushed down the toilet.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the clumps start to disintegrate in the water before flushing them.
  • Only flush small amounts of litter, one clump at a time. Larger amounts should be thrown in the waste bin or composted.

How do I compost this litter?
Before you get started:

  • Add a layer of sawdust, soil, or leaves at the bottom of your compost bin.
  • Add a layer of used cat litter.
  • Cover the cat litter with a 2.5cm layer of sawdust, soil, or leaves.
  • Repeat this process and feel free to add other compostable materials such as fruit or vegetable waste.
  • Make sure to aerate your compost regularly.
  • After about 6 months to a year, your compost is ready for use on non-edible plants.

IMPORTANT: we don’t recommend using composted litter as fertiliser for edible crops, as there is a risk of E.coli, tapeworm and toxoplasmosis contaminating your crops.


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