Liberta Indoor Small Pet Cages

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These Liberta Indoor Small Pet Cages offer a sturdy, spacious home for your pet.

They are suitable for dwarf rabbits or guinea pigs with all they would need to lead a happy and healthy life.

They include a hay rack, feeding bowl, water bottle, pet house and a wired platform with a ladder.

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Well big enough by anyone's standards Happy Rabbit on 4 February 2020

Massive cage, came quick, but with the top missing, this was sent out quickly, good service and a fantastic cage, with a smooth tray not little diamonds that hurt, so a massive comfort cage.

Jan on 25 October 2018

The cage is a perfect size for my two guinea-pigs to have fun ‘popcorning’ around....getting the top cage on properly would definitely have been easier.

Huge Cage for my House Rabbit Laura Stenhouse on 28 August 2014

I chose this cage after reading other reviews saying that it was the biggest on the market My house rabbit grew a bit bigger than I expected and needed a new cage This cage is about twice the size as the one she had Plenty room for her to hop about I did the same as some of the other reviewers and took the small ladder away Only because she is big enough to hop up onto the shelf without it The shelf is big enough for her to lie fully stretched out It came with a food bowl water bottle and enclosed litter tray The cage was very well packaged for delivery and delivery was within 2 days of ordering I would have not hesitation in recommending this cage

Liberta 150 Great for dwarf bunny or Guineas Scottish Lass on 29 July 2014

I bought this cage after reading numerous reviews on a variety of cages and from numerous suppliers Despite the dimensions being clearly stated I was still pleasantly surprised by the amount of space this cage afforded my dwarf rabbit Since receiving it we have made a number of changes to make it more suitable for our bunny We took the front door off and hung it from the top of the cage during the day we hold it open with bungee cord This saved us worrying about our rabbit getting his feet caught in the door when trying to enter or exit the cage We also needed to get a new ramp and grass mat cover for the platform as my bunny didnt like the metal bars on his feet Easily solved and it looks much more inviting for him I was also worried he would hurt his feet on the ramp provided Our rabbit is a pure breed Netherland dwarf and very small so I have build him a step for the outside of his cage to help him access the cage and come and go as he pleases The plastic base for this cage is twice the height of his previous Ferplast 100 cage which cause a problem when you are a little bunny use to jumping in This would be a really useful dimension for cage suppliers to provide potential customers with Delivery was faultless and the price very reasonable I felt I would recommend this supplier and cage to others Personally I feel this cage is most suited to dwarf rabbits and Guinea pigs with a few homely tweeks made to make each cage as unique as your pet

Fantastic rimmell1987 on 10 June 2014

Little twirl loves her new cage and great value for money

Happy Rabbit donnacockroft on 17 September 2013

Lovely big hutch my rabbit is very happy having lots of room to hop about had a problem with 1st delivery top of cage was missing but this was very quickly rectified with a replacement being dispatched next day delivery Excellent service


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