Critter''''s Choice Tasty Sticks


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These Critter's Choice Tasty Sticks are the ideal luxury treat for your hamster, guinea pig, rabbit or gerbil.


Tasty sticks are a hard chew treat, which offer colourful titbits that are tasty, nutritious, and sugar free.

Small animals love to get a bit of variety in their diet, and they also love to chew, so these treats are the ideal complement to a healthy, balanced diet, and may stop them gnawing on inappropriate items in their habitat.

  • Pack size: 75g

These tasty sticks are sure to become a firm favourite with your small pets, and are easy to hold, making hand feeding safe and fun.

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Rabbits love them Suzie on 7 June 2020

Rabbits absolutely love them so have to stock up and they are by far best price on here as go for 5.00 on amazon

love 'em michelle on 12 May 2020

my guineas love these

Ratties grab them and run Racquel on 21 April 2020

Bought for my Ratties. They love them, grab them and run to scoff them (so the other can't steal it)

Chews a.j.c on 10 March 2020

Excellent for chewing and ideal for hiding so you're rabbit can forage for it.

Tilleygirl on 23 August 2019

I got these for my neighbours pet-she says they love them

My Degus go potty for these Berengaria on 25 April 2018

Still a mystery WHY my Degus absolutely ADORE these convenient little sticks and never tire of them either, as they have no discernible scent or flavouring. Ingredients state "wheat flour, oil, eggs, yeast & colourant" yet even my sickly fur babies come running. I buy loads of packets at a time. These multicoloured extruded sticks are easy for their little paws to hold and babies can easily hold them in their mouths. They can be easily snapped into half or thirds - this contrasts greatly with other huge pillow shaped treats I've tried before that need a hammer to break them and didn't impress my little dears! Excellent price here too. Comes in 75 gram packet.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, eggs, oils & fats, yeast, EEC permitted colorant.


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